C++ Header Libraries  Zakero's C++ Header Libraries

This is a collection of libraries in C++ header file form. All the header libraries can be found in the include/ directory. Due to their nature, the libraries are not stand-alone Single Header Libraries. The reason for this is that there maybe dependencies between the headers. Refer to each library to learn what they depend on. Or just add all of them to your project and not worry about it. :-)

The documentation is available locally, if cloned, at html/index.html as well as online. The official website for the project is zhl.zakero.com.

Library Version Description
Zakero_Base.h 0.9.3 A collection of helper functions, macros, and templates
Zakero_MemoryPool.h 0.9.0 An expandable memory pool that is based on Unix File Descriptors
Zakero_MessagePack.h 0.9.0 An implementation of the MessagePack specification
Zakero_Profiler.h 0.9.1 Generate profiling data that can be visualized in Chrome/Chromium
Zakero_Xenium.h 0.1.0 A class that makes working with X11/XCB much easier
Zakero_Yetani.h 0.6.1 A class that makes working with Wayland much easier

Source Code


In the library header files, you will find many // {{{ and // }}}. These are markers used by VIM for folding. To enable vim's marker folding, use the following vim command:

:set fdm=marker

While in "command mode", the following can be used to interact with the folds.

Command Description
za Toggle current fold
zR Expand all folds
zM Collapse all folds


All libraries are licensed using the Mozilla Public License v2 (FAQ). The key point of this license is that the license applies only to the header file, not what includes it or what it is compiled into (not viral).